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KJ Electric Stocks: 

CCE (Control & Connection Equipment)

ComEx Control Stations:

Control Stations for Zone 21 & 22-Data Sheet 

Control Stations Custom Tailored-Data Sheet 

Control Stations Complete Device, 4-pole-Date Sheet

Control Stations Stainless Steel-Data Sheet

Local Control Stations:

For Zone 1 and Zone 21- Data Sheet

For Zone 2 and Zone 22- Data Sheets

Limit Monitor:

For Rotary Actuator for zone 1, 2, 21, 22, Data Sheet

Flame Proof Control Panels:

Flameproof Control Units Data Sheets

Panel Mount Devices & Components:


-LED Pilot Lights



-Limit Switches

-Line Brushing

Actuating Elements for Zone 1 & 21-Data Sheet

Explosion Proof Units Zone 1:

Control Unit APEX 2003.001 Data Sheet

AExP Control Unit APEX 2003.00 Data Sheet

Ex p Control Unit APEX 2003.002x Data Sheet

Ex p Control Unit APEX 2003.MV Data Sheet

Ex p Control Unit APEX 2003.SI (High Pressure) Data Sheet

Ex p Control Unit APEX 2003.SI (Dilution) Data Sheet

Explosion Proof Units Zone 2:

SILAS Controller Data Sheets

Ex p Control Units Motors:

Motor Purge Control Systems MPC S Data Sheet

Pressurized Solutions:

Pressurized Solutions for Zone 1, 2, or 22 Data Sheet