KJ Electric On-Site Service 

24/7 Emergency Service

Laser Alignment:

-Energy Audits/Savings Analysis 

-Breaker Refurbishment 

-Motor & Drive Retrofits

On-Site Services KJ Electric Offers:

-Laser Alignment 

-Vibration Analysis

-Drive Installation & Start UP

  -Turn-Key Retrofit Services           

  -Dynamic Balancing                                   

  -Harmonic Analysis                           



-Discover & Diagnose problems Including-Hot Spots


-Avoid the following; outages, equipment damage,

product loss, personnel Injury.


-Items to Survey; Lighting panels, power distribution panels, power lines, transformers, control panels, MCC centers, motors, adjustable speeds drives, circuit breakers

Drive Service Program:

Let our KJ Electric On-Site Service Team evaluate the condition of your Drives & Motors and perform the necessary maintenance to keep it in tip-top operational condition. in turn helping to increase the life and your return on investment(ROI).

- Predictive Maintenance (pdM): to evaluate the current condition of the machinery to determine When maintenance is required.

-Preventative Maintenance (PM): is a time-based maintenance function that relies on OEM recommendations or past history to routinely maintain machinery even if there are no known reasons.  


-The purpose of laser alignment is to eliminate

stress on equipment- especially bearings and seals

on pumps & motors

-Poor alignment will directly cause several problems; making the motor work harder to drive equipment, which could cause increased amp draw. Excessive vibration due to misalignment. Decreased bearing L-

10 life.

-KJ Electric technicians use; hamar laser stealth series S-680 & couple 6 software. 

Vibration Analysis: 

-The purpose of Vibration Analysis is to locate and document machine vibrations in rotating equipment.


-With these readings, we can trend the equipment

and spot the problem before they; cause an outage, 

cause a loss of production and damage equipment.

-Surveryable equipment includes; electric motors, 

pumps, chiller units, conveyor lines, drive-shafts, 

air compressors, gearboxes, and HVAC equipment.

-KJ Electric technicians use; vib expert ll vibration

unit by pruftechnik, and reports created using omnitrend software.

Shaft Voltage Testing:

-Problems caused by shaft voltage can cause; outages, equipment damage, production loss and personnel injury.

-Shaft voltage testing at KJ Electric provides; 

Measurements, detailed reports, solution recommendations and solution implementation. 


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