KJ Electric Motor Repair Shop

24/7 Emergency Service

Testing Services

-Computerized Core Loss Testing 25KV

-Dynamometer Load Testers to 600 HP

-Hypotonic/Test Panel

-AC/DC Test Panel (0-4160 volts AC, 500 volts DC

-IRD Balancing up to 15,000 pounds

-Computerized 15 KV Surge Testing 

Rewind Services

-Rewind inverter duty specifications

-Fractionals & Integral Motors up to 5,000 HP

-Vacuum Pressure Impregnations (7' Diameter Tank)

     Only VPI tank In NY

-EASA Winding Redesign Computer Programs

-UL Certified for Hazardous Materials 

Preventative Maintenance 

Via Thermography

Electric Motors:

-Detect Deteriorating insulation, poor windings, bad bearings, iron core loss, & EL CID capabilities, worn brushes, armature conditions, and alignment & lubrication.


Fluid Transfer Systems:

-Evaluate pumps, steam traps, heat exchangers, cooling towers, air conditioning systems, & steam lines


Refractory Evaluation:

-Evaluate furnaces, boilers & heated tanks for more efficient operations. 


Electrical Distribution:

-Detect loose connections, load imbalance corrosion, & poor relay contact points. 


Machine Services

-Crane- 10 Ton Capacity

-Laser Alignment Equipment 

-Large Horizontal Mill 

-Lathes-70 Inch Large Swing Engine 

-Milling Machines-Vertical 

-Motor Modifications/Motor Shaft Modifications

-Press-300 Ton Horizontal 

-Welding-Mig, Tig, Stick 

Authorized Warranty for:

-Teco-Westinghouse                  -A.O Smith

-Siemens                                    -Lafert

-Marathon                                  -Lincoln

-U.S Motors                               -Bodine

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